Ordering and licensing F.A.Q.

How is CatLight licensed?

You can purchase a CatLight subscription and then assign it to specific named users. See our pricing page for details. CatLight includes a 14-day trial that is automatically activated on the first use of the app.

How to buy CatLight?

You can create an account and then follow the on-screen instructions. You will need credit card details to complete the transaction.

What payment options are available?

You can use a credit card to pay for any plan. If you sign up for an annual subscription and plan to spend at least $1,000, we can invoice you annually.

What are the requirements for an Open-Source projects?

The project must not provide commercial services or distribute any paid software versions. The build server should be accessible on the Internet for all anonymous users. If your open-source project meets these requirements, you can use CatLight for free.

Other questions?

Feel free to contact us at hello@catlight.io