CI/CD pipeline status notifications for Gitlab

CatLight can monitor Gitlab pipelines and show desktop status notifications. The CatLight app runs on Windows, OS X, and Linux.

CatLight successful build status notificaion

Use CatLight to see the current status of important builds and tests. When a pipeline is broken, CatLight will change the color of the tray icon and show a notification. This will remind your team that a build needs attention.

CatLight warning build status tray icon

Compared to email notifications, CatLight saves your time by focusing on the current state, and not the history of changes.

Who broke the build first?

For failed builds, CatLight will say who broke it first. This is useful when other people continue to commit code after the first problem.

CatLight builds dashboard

Build Investigations

When a pipeline is broken, CatLight will alert the team, and anyone can press the "I will investigate" button on the dashboard. CatLight will then notify the team that somebody is looking at the build.

Build time estimations

For long-running builds, CatLight will show an estimated time of build completion in a notification. You can also see it on the dashboard. The estimation is based on the duration of the previous successful build.

Multiple servers

CatLight can connect to multiple Gitlab servers. You can use a different credentials for each server, if needed.

Get CatLight

Download CatLight or learn more about it.

CatLight supports other CI/CD systems too!