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Stay on top of your work with CatLight
Get actionable alerts about your builds, tasks, and pull requests

1. Choose items to monitor

CatLight can monitor your CI/CD pipelines, PRs, and issues.

With CatLight you don't need to keep refreshing your server dashboards or dig through a pile of emails.

CI Builds

Release Pipelines

Pull Requests


2. See the current status in the tray

The CatLight icon will show the status of items that you monitor.

It will change color when your attention is needed.

CatLight normal build status tray icon
CatLight warning build status tray icon
CatLight error build status tray icon

3. Get notified about changes

Get a notification when a build breaks down, you got a PR to review, or an urgent bug appears.

Build notifications

PR notifications

4. Have a prioritized action list

The CatLight dashboard combines action items from all sources into a single action list for you. See all pending pull requests, urgent issues, failed builds, or release pipelines.

Use a watch list to keep an eye on builds that you've started and outgoing pull requests.

CatLight status dashboard

5. Collaborate with the team

Let the team know that you are investigating the problem. Provide status updates in comments.

Catlight dashboard build comments

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v3.7.3     04 Jul 2024