Catlight will notify you when builds, bugs & tasks need your attention

1. Choose things to track

You no longer need to check your continuous integration server, bug & task manager. Let Catlight do it for you.

Continuous Integration Builds



2. See status in tray

Catlight icon will show the status of things that you track.
It will change color when your attention is needed.

CatLight normal build status tray icon
CatLight warning build status tray icon
CatLight error build status tray icon

3. Get notified about the changes

Get a notification when a build breaks down, new important bug appears or list of your tasks changes.

4. See more details on the dashboard

See the build history and list of tasks and bugs that you track.

So, how do I know when I need to fix something?

With Catlight

Look at Catlight icon in tray.
If it is yellow or red, you need to fix things.

With email and chat notifications

You have twelve new messages! Are they important? You never know until you read them. Drop your work and carefully check every notification. Some of them are already outdated, but you need to read them all to see that. Is somebody working on that problem? Ask your teammates, they like to be interrupted to answer questions like that! If you got distracted, you better start over and re-read every message, because nobody is going to notify you about that problem again.


4.5/5 CatLight is an efficient application that enables you to monitor the status without ever getting in your way
Enables you to continue your work while the project is building, but know immediately if your attention is needed
Softpedia Mac Editor
CatLight is a gem of build notifications
Engineer, Siemens