CatLight features

This page covers app features by category. You can also see the use cases and benefits for developers and managers.

Personal dashboard

See the status of your builds, releases, pull requests, and issues on one personalized dashboard.

Prioritized action list

CatLight will collect action items from all your CI/CD, code review, and issue tracking systems and aggregate them in a prioritized action list. See your broken builds, incoming PRs, and new bugs in one place.

You can define your own priority rules for the team, so each type of work gets balanced attention, and nothing important slips through the cracks.

Watch list

With a watch list, you can keep an eye on the builds you've started and PRs that you have created. Waiting for some other person to complete a task? Add those tasks to your CatLight dashboard and see when they are closed or updated.

Separate branch history

If your CI/CD system mixes builds for all branches into one history, CatLight can untangle them, and show a separate history and status for each branch on the dashboard.

Build time estimates

Get estimates on build time completion. See them in notifications and on the dashboard.

CatLight status dashboard

Instant context

Build and release pipelines will show the previous history so you can see when the first breakage occurred.

Build history


Acknowledge alerts that you want to fix later. This can help you identify new action items faster. When all alerts are acknowledged, the tray icon will change to an outline.


One status icon

See the overall status of your action list in one icon. When it is green, everything is fine. Otherwise, something needs your attention.

CatLight tray icon

CatLight tray icon

CatLight tray icon

Desktop notifications

Get desktop notifications about items that you monitor. CatLight shows notifications on all supported operating systems: Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Build notifications

Get notifications when the build pipeline fails or completes. When a build starts, CatLight will show the estimated completion time in the notification.

CatLight build notification

CatLight build notification

CatLight build notification

Release notifications

CatLight will show desktop notifications about release pipeline events. You will get a notification about release pipeline failure or success. The app will also show notifications about pending release approvals.

CatLight release notification

Pull request notifications

Get notifications about incoming pull requests. CatLight will also notify you when someone is reviewing your PR and has approved or rejected it.

CatLight pull request (PR) notification

Work item and issue notifications

See a desktop notification when a new important bug appears, or a customer created an issue. The app will also notify you about changes to the issues that you follow. Just add a work item/issue query to your dashboard, and CatLight will keep you updated about all issues that match it.

CatLight issue notification

Notification filters

Configure CatLight to only show you the important notifications that you care about

CatLight notification settings

Shared team dashboards

Show the CatLight dashboard on a big TV screen to see an overview of your team status.

You can also create multiple dashboards and share them with the team in the app. You can have a dashboard per project or team role. Some teams that have dedicated on-call engineers can benefit from having an on-call CatLight dashboard.

CatLight notifications

Build & release investigations

Notify the team that you are checking a broken build or a release. Your team members will get a desktop notification and see it on the dashboard.

Use build investigations to make sure that an engineer is working on a problem, and that it is not handled by multiple developers at the same time.

Active investigation

Investigation comments

Use comments to provide a status update, share the reason for the build breakage, or provide troubleshooting steps for engineers who will investigate next time.

Investigation comment

First problem identification

See who broke the build first. This can be useful when people continue to push changes on top of a broken branch, and it's unclear who should investigate the build.

Investigation needed

Work-in-progress and review notifications

With one click in the CatLight app, you can notify your teammates that you have started working on an issue or doing a code review. They will see it on the dashboard and get a desktop notification about that. With this feature, developers will be less distracted by status update requests.

When you are working on an action item, CatLight will only show you desktop notifications if something with a higher priority than your current work has appeared.

Dashboard with work on items

Automated work prioritization

Let CatLight prioritize day-to-day work for the whole team, using the rules that you define. For example, you can specify that code reviews are more important than sprint tasks, and that build issues of specific pipelines are above all.

Action list rules

Team status

See the number of active alerts for every team member. Use this to see if some engineers are overloaded and cannot keep up with the work.

The team status panel is available in v2, and will be available in v3 in future releases.

CatLight team status