CatLight features

Personal dashboard

See that status of your builds, releases and issues on one personalized dashboard.
Catlight status dashboard

Prioritized action list

For large dashboards, most important things will be displayed at the top, in the action list.

One status icon

See the overall status of your action list in one icon. When it's green, all is good. Otherwise, something needs your attention.
Catlight tray icon


Get notifications when a build breaks down, new important bug appears, or list of your tasks changes.
Catlight notifications


Get estimates on build time completion. See them in notifications, and on the dashboard.

Instant context

Build & release pipelines will show previous history, so you can see when the first breakage happened.
Build history


Acknowledge alerts that you want to fix later. This can help you identify new action items faster. When all alerts are acknowledged, tray icon will change to an outline.

Focus mode

Getting too many notifications? Try the focus mode. The app will show notification only if you break the build, and the CatLight icon will turn white.
Focus mode icon

Team dashboard

Show CatLight dashboard on a shared screen to get an overview of your team status.
Catlight notifications


Tell the team that you are checking the broken build or a release. They will get notified and see it on the dashboard. Use investigations to make sure that somebody is working on a problem, and that it is not handled by multiple engineers at the same time.
Active investigation


Use comments to provide a status update, share the reason of the build breakage, or to provide the troubleshooting steps for the people that will investigate next time.
Investigation comment

First problem identification

See who first broke the build.
Investigation needed

Team status

See the number of active alerts for every team member. Use this to see if some engineers are overloaded and can't keep up with the work.
Catlight team status

Common settings

After you configured the dashboard and found optimal notification settings, you can share them with the team.
Export settings