What information does CatLight store and process?

CatLight is a desktop application. Most features work locally, and data is retrieved and processed on the computer that runs the app.

There are several collaboration features that require internet access and that interact with a secure CatLight cloud service over an encrypted channel:

  • Shared dashboards. When you share a dashboard in the app, the dashboard settings are saved in a CatLight cloud service, so that other users on your team can use it. Dashboard settings include the names and ids of the builds, projects and work item queries, as well as priority rules that you have configured in dashboard settings.
  • Build and release investigations. When the user clicks on "start investigation" in the app, CatLight will store and forward build or release metadata (name and id) to other users on the team using the CatLight cloud service.
  • Notifications about active pull request reviews. When the user clicks on "start review" in the app, CatLight will forward pull request metadata (name and id) to other users on the team using CatLight cloud service.
  • Accelerated notifications. When you install the CatLight plugin on your CI/CD server and enable accelerated notifications, the CatLight plugin will configure webhooks in your CI/CD server that send metadata about changed builds, releases, pull requests, and work items to the CatLight cloud service. The metadata transferred in the webhook payload depends on the CI/CD server you use, and you can inspect it in your server documentation. CatLight service will extract the names and ids of changed objects and forward this information to CatLight apps on the team, to notify them about the change. It does not store the original webhook payload and discards it after processing.