Application logs

If you have a problem with the app, you can inspect the application logs. They will often provide a detailed description of the problem and can also point to the specific project or build that is causing trouble.

Logs are written in two groups of files: 

  • Log.txt – this is the log file of the background process that contains most of the app logic. It is usually the most useful, so check it first.
  • TrayLog.txt – this is a log file of the UI process. If the application does not start, this log can contain details about the problem.
  • NetworkLog.txt - trace of HTTP requests and responses between the app and your server. They can contain additional error messages from the server, and can be used to troubleshoot complex cases. To enable network logging, go to edit menu/settings/advanced and check "Enable extended logging".


Logs location:


Mac OS X

Logs location:

~/Library/Application Support/Catlight/logs

This is a hidden folder, but you can open it using the "Go to" menu item in Finder.


Logs location: