CatLight Reviews

Clean and simple build notification tool. Easy to setup and just works. The tray status is nice too, don't anger the cat!
Nick Schultz, DevOps Lead, AMD
CatLight is a gem of build notifications.
Sean Farrell, Engineer, Siemens
4.5/5 CatLight is an efficient application that enables you to monitor the status without ever getting in your way
Vladimir Ciobica, Editor, Softpedia
Catlight replaces the large volume of emails that no-one reads about test or build failures. Since we have started using it, many of our perennially failing builds have been fixed and failed builds no longer sit around failing for days on end.
Peter Elliott, Developer, Siepe LLC
We now know instantly when who breaks what build, awesome!
Jack B., Senior Developer, Bencom
This is a great tool which gives a great view of all your builds in one place. 5/5.
Jay Freeman
Love it!
Tom Hundley